Data vs Opinion

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Data vs Opinion: Which side are you on?


Riddle me this: why are you running that A/B test next week?

“Because I had an idea and I wanted to see if it worked…”

“Because my manager told me to…”

“Because I have no idea what I’m doing…” (Brave of you to admit)

Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has data to drive, back and explain your testing.

Digital teams need to come to a single source of the truth. Your initial approach to testing could be one of many; your trade team, your marketing team, your CEO, or worse, the “that’s just how we’ve always done it” mantra. But who really knows best?

Testing is tough, and people are used to doing things a certain way, so it’s hard to convince teams to change their approach. But as a digital team, the reality is that your job is to state facts, not opinions or biased hypotheses. Every brand will have preconceptions about their customers and what they want. Luxury and retail brands need to develop a culture of replacing preconceptions with data.

For example: Why are we all so obsessed with the homepage? If data shows that only a percentage of the customers come in from the homepage, why are teams putting so much time and energy into producing masses of content for it? Data challenges the old methodology and opinion of how people use websites. Rather than wasting time producing reams of content that may not be seen or may not be performing, more time can be spent on driving and delivering stories that really resonate with customers.

Read more about what FeelUnique, House of Fraser, Debenhams, ASOS, Harvey Nichols and more had to say at our Ecommerce Afterdark: Luxury v Retail roundtable:

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Sometimes we’re guilty of testing for the sake of it, why bother testing if you pretty much know it will ‘win’. Be like Nike, just do it.
For the biggest wins, focus on epicentres nearest the point of purchase, eg. the checkout. We’re obsessed with homepage optimisation, but we should rethink our focus areas.
Do you like ecommerce, cocktails and the finest finger food known to mankind? Then you should probably come to our next Retail v Luxury roundtable, hear what those from our last one had to say here.

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